A climate-friendly refrigeration system for marine applications.

Benefits of CO2 as refrigerant

B COOL’s innovative CO2 refrigeration system ushers in a new greener future for the maritime sector. A climate-friendly solution with a much lower energy consumption than conventional systems.

B COOL has developed B COOL CO2 – a groundbreaking refrigeration system for the maritime sector. B COOL has produced an innovative, patented system based on CO2 – a green, energy-saving, and future-proof solution for use at sea.

B COOL CO2 is a powerful unit that yields up to 20% more than hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant (HFC) systems – the unit also boasts much lower energy consumption than conventional systems.
Our patented system for compressors operating in parallel makes it possible for us to reduce capacity to 0.5 kW freezing and 1.5 kW cooling effect. The result is a stable and reliable refrigeration system that is also climate-friendly

We subjected B COOL CO2 to load simulation and performance testing at cooling water temperatures ranging from + 4°C to + 44°C for a period of eight months. The simulation included the impact of a variety of space load factors corresponding to those that occur under normal operating conditions.
Switching to B COOL CO2 instead of refurbishing and retrofitting an obsolete system is the right choice, an investment in the present – and for the future.

CO2 – environmental benefits and low operating costs
COis a natural, environmentally friendly refrigerant that replaces harmful HFC refrigerants. A CO2-based system makes a huge positive difference to the climate. Global Warming Potential (GWP) for CO2 = 1 (GWP for R404A = 3,922).

Unlike HFC refrigerants that are becoming harder to source and more costly, CO2 is readily available and economical.
CO2 has been used as a refrigerant onshore for more than 15 years with great success. Thorough testing substantiates that the cost of running on CO2 is lower because a CO2 unit is more efficient.

When you have a CO2-based system like B COOL CO2, you also avoid routine expenditure on conversion and adaptation in response to increasingly stringent refrigerant environmental legislation.

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