From our workshop in Risskov, Danmark, we test and repair defective electronic components after which we swap or return it to you


Mission/Unisab II – Relay print

Mission/Unisab II – CPU print

Mission/Unisab II – Unicom print

Mission I/O card

Unisab S – relay print

Read: Repair of Mission Controller

Unisab III Front

Unisab III Casette

Mission – front

Unisab II – front

Unisab IIR

Unisab S


Repair – Miscellaneous

APL panel

PC motherboard

PC-HDLC card

Network repeater

Delomatic PMS system

Dual RS485/HDLC

Dual LAN

Comsab II

Novenco CCU

Novenco user panel

Repair – SEA Modules

SEA1100 processor unit

SEA1100 processor unit WARP

SEA1130 digital input module (4 channels)

SEA1132 digital input module (6 channels)

SEA1140 digital output module

SEA1150 4-20mA analogue input module

SEA1155 PT100 analogue input module

SEA1156 Barber Colman input module

SEA1157 PT100H analogue input module

SEA1158 PT100H analogue input module, 2 or 3 wire

SEA1159 NiCrNi analogue input module, type K

SEA1159 NiCrNi analogue input module, type J

SEA1160 4-20 mA analogue output module

SEA1180 Battery module

SEA1201 Processor unit

SEA1203 User Panel

Repair – IP Modules

IP2-130 Digital input

IP2-131 Digital input

IP2-141 Digital output

IP2-143 Digital output

IP2-150 Analog input

IP2-152 Analog input

IP2-155 PT100

IP2-156 PT100

IP2-157 PT100

IP2-158 PT100

IP300 Controller

IP3-200 Controller

IP3-201 Controller