Who are we?

B COOL CONTROLS A/S is specialized in producing, maintaining, and repairing MEMAC systems, short for Main Engine Monitoring And Control, and complementary electronics onboard ships. The intention is to enable a prolongation of the lifecycle on the current MEMAC system. Whenever you have an urgent situation on board, we use our flexibility to get to you and examine your system as soon as possible. Based on a thorough examination, we either repair your system onboard or make sure to get you the right spares and instructions to get it running again. At our workshop in Risskov, we test and repair defective electronic components after which we swap or return it to you.

We also sell newly fabricated spare parts, such as SEA modules. Furthermore, we provide repair and maintenance for UNISAB S and UNISAB II / III compressor controllers.

MEMAC, a Part of B COOL
MEMAC became part of the B COOL Group in October 2014 under the name, B COOL CONTROLS A/S. The daily manager, John Winther, and service technician, Per Larsen, have been part of MEMAC since 1995. MEMAC was established in 1978 under the brand Lanng & Stelman and has since had a number of different owners from the refrigeration industry. Lanng & Stelman originally became known for their IP module system, that Sabroe amongst others use in their compressors and control systems.